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How to lead contact centers with empathy for transformational CX

Last week, we were joined by Ben Devey, Director of Customer Experience at Ollie, who has worked at every level of the call center with experience at both large enterprises...

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What is average handle time – and does it matter anymore?

Google “Average Handle Time” and you’ll be pointed in the direction of innumerable articles that describe what this metric is – and advise you to reduce it.  And, once upon...

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First Contact Resolution Explained

It’s an immutable fact: no matter how incredible your product or service is – you’re going to have customers reaching out with issues.  Support requests come in for all kinds...

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The broken feedback loop that creates CX blindspots (and how to close it)

Here’s a tough question: what do your prospects and customers really think about your customer experience (CX)? What does it actually feel like to engage with your business?  If you’re...

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Evaluating Tools for the Contact Center? Aim Small.

Four elements to keep in mind when building the business case for adding cobrowse, screen share, and other tech in the contact center.

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10 Ways to Exceed Expectations in Customer Service

To continually improve customer satisfaction, we at Glance Networks stick to ten key principles of customer service.

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