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Glance Inside of Glance: The No WebRTC Choice

Our visual engagement solutions must be fast, simple, secure, and just work, every time, no matter what.

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Deploying Glance Step #3: Managing Ongoing Success

Check out these 4 best practices to drive the ongoing success of Glance in full production mode.

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Deploying Glance Step #2: Tips to Drive Adoption

Read this blog to learn how to drive the widespread adoption of Glance into the frontline worker’s workflow.

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Deploying Glance Step #1: Communicating the Value of Visual Engagement to Your Company

This is the first blog of a 3-part series dedicated to best practices in deployment that Glance Customer Success team members use to ensure our clients experience a smooth adoption experience and rapid ROI.

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Key Customer Support Metrics That Drive Growth

Customer support metrics are completely useless if you don’t know how to interpret them, or why you have them. Yet in customer service, seconds can mean the difference between crippling churn and...

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