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Crafting a positive customer service agent experience

A vital and often overlooked part of good CX is your agent’s experience (AX). If agents aren’t empowered, or worse, they’re micromanaged, it can result in a negative customer experience....

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Low CSAT? Better agent technology will help

This article was informed by an infographic created in partnership with Metrigy with results from a 2022 CX study. You can download your copy of the infographic here. If your...

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What is average handle time – and does it matter anymore?

Google “Average Handle Time” and you’ll be pointed in the direction of innumerable articles that describe what this metric is – and advise you to reduce it.  And, once upon...

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The pitfalls of superficial CX intentions (and why agent experience matters)

Most businesses talk a big game on CX. Wander the halls between the back office and the boardroom and you’ll likely hear variations on the same prevailing wisdom:  CX is...

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