Be a customer loyalty generator: Meet customers inside your mobile apps

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Of the 5 hours per day we spend on our mobile devices, over 4 hours is spent on mobile apps.

Apps provide new ways to interact with customers and provide meaningful experiences. It’s a powerful opportunity in a competitive space — and user expectations are high.

Good mobile app experiences can help companies grow, and negative ones can cause customers to flee to competitors. Nearly two-thirds of customers would rather buy from companies with mobile-optimized experiences, and 62% say they’re less likely to repeat business after a poor mobile experience.

The evolution of mobile experience design

Mobile apps have come a long way. And those that haven’t caught up are quickly deleted or forgotten on customers’ phones.

Once a user experiences a great mobile experience in an app, they expect it in other apps. Some of these expectations include:

  • Personalization. When a user downloads your app, they’re inviting you into their personal space, taking up real estate next to their personal photos and dinner reservations. They expect their experience to feel personalized to them.
  • Choice. Customers don’t like to be told to switch channels. If they’re using an app and it tells them to go to their website, that’s a disjointed experience. They want the power of choice, and they want parity between mobile and web experiences.
  • Trust. Downloading an app is like shaking hands with a brand. It takes a level of trust — trust that the app will provide value, and that the app will secure the user’s personal data.

The next step: Build people into apps with Guided CX

We’re attached to our phones, but nothing replaces human connection — even in the digital world we live in. According to a recent global survey from PWC, 75% of customers want to connect with a person more as technology improves.

Have you ever used an app and thought, “I wish someone could help me right now.” You know, a real human person.

Guided CX makes that happen, putting the power of people into your app. In high-value moments — big decisions, purchases, or times when expert guidance is needed — Glance Mobile App Share allows representatives to join users right within the app. At the user’s moment of need, the representative can instantly see their screen and understand their problem. As the user scrolls and navigates, the representative follows along.

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Major brands worldwide use Glance Mobile App Sharing to offer secure, personalized in-app assistance, meeting their customers’ needs in the moment and in context to improve sales, onboarding, and issue resolution.

Watch our demo webinar to see how Glance Mobile App Share can help you deliver a stand-out customer experience — one that’s proven to increase CSAT, reduce average handle time (AHT), and improve first call resolution (FCR).