Are your customer service agents better than my smartphone?

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Part of my job is to research customer service, online commerce, and the ongoing technology investment required for retailers to make the jump from offline to online. You see it everywhere from customer service agents to the customers themselves – we’re truly on the verge of amazing change.

The industry is ripe with technology shifts—big data, social, mobile, video, and kiosks—all in an effort to drive online growth and remarkable customer experience.

It can be overwhelming at times and makes me wonder if it needs to be so complex?

After all, customers—who let’s recall, are human beings—are simply looking for great service at a fair price, wrapped in an effortless experience. These key attributes lead to credibility, trust, and loyalty.

As I sift through the countless posts, advice and webinars discussing the bits and bytes, I find myself wondering if we are equally invested in the human component–customer service agents?

As Forrester’s Adam Silverman points out in his recent contribution to Internet Retailer, there’s much to ponder about the customer service’s role in the digital age.

After all, once the big data is analyzed, the site redesigned, and the ad budget spent, it comes down to one simple moment – the point in time when a customer engages.

Seven questions to ask about your agents

Engagement, the defining moment that we spend millions to create (or avoid) is now resting squarely on agents’ shoulders. Here are seven things you should be asking about them:

  1. Are they passionate?
  2. Do they know the product?
  3. Are they domain experts?
  4. Are they charismatic?
  5. Can they be consultative?
  6. Are they paid to be any of the above?
  7. Do they care?

Did your customer service agents answer “yes”?

Here’s a theory: Maybe people turn to their friends on social media because we have proven after decades of poor retail experiences that customer service agents are not as trustworthy as they used to be. What if they were? What if I could get the basics using my smartphone – but I could get an extraordinary – and human – experience by contacting customer service for help once I’m ready to make a decision?

Smartphones are great as a starting point for research. When when things get too complex and confusing, what if I could depend on customer service agents to provide real value by guiding me to my final goal?

So as I rub the pixels from my eyes, and ready myself with a fresh cup of coffee to continue my reading, I can’t help but wonder, what if customer service agents could do this TODAY? The company that could provide real value through a humanized service – that’s the company that would win the online world.

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