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How do you drive a 50% reduction in Average Handle Time?, the Idaho-based SaaS marketplace that facilitates the equivalent of nearly 11% of the US GDP, saw positive results almost immediately after deploying Glance.

“We were blown away when we quickly saw a 50% reduction in AHT (average handle time),” says Trent Broberg,’s General Manager and VP of Customer Success. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and our customers love it, too.”

When customers call the service center, agents can now use Glance Cobrowse to see the browser screen of the subscriber, quickly giving the agent the visual context of the situation. Agents no longer need to rely on the subscriber’s verbal description of where they are in the system, and agents can more quickly begin guiding the customer through their issue. 

In addition to shorter handle time, other benefits include higher customer satisfaction, and an outpouring of excitement from’s service agents — who now feel more empowered to solve problems quickly and transform frustrated customers into raving fans.

To learn more, read the case study. And to learn more about all the ways visual engagement can deliver ROI, read our Forrester Total Economic Impact study that shows a 396% ROI with breakeven in less than 6 months.

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