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Glance Colocation Expansion Delivers Ever-improving Performance

Glance delivers its visual engagement solutions on an architecture built for scalability, high availability, security, and fast performance. But we never stop working to improve. Earlier this year we added new colocation facilities to deliver speedy performance and reliability for your users wherever on the globe they reside.

Glance colocation expansion delivers ever improving performance

Colocation: more is better

Glance maintains high-performance hardware and networking equipment in data centers scattered across the globe. The service dynamically assigns sessions to lightly loaded servers geographically close to session participants, minimizing path latency to ensure the fastest possible performance.

Adding colocation sites gives Glance more ways to maximize performance. And if a regional outage or slowdown arises, Glance is better able to reroute traffic away from the problem.

How can you configure your firewall to take full advantage?

Glance maintains a list of IP addresses for each colocation in this handy FAQ. We update the list each time we add a colocation. The FAQ includes instructions for your IT specialists to optimize firewall settings to take full advantage of Glance’s investment in performance and reliability.  Please ask them to verify that all CIDR blocks listed in the FAQ are part of their firewalls’ current Access Control Lists.


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