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How to Make Visual Engagement More Effective for Sales Teams

In a sales call, the sales rep’s goal is to communicate the belief that the prospect’s challenge can be overcome, problem solved, and business goal met. Experienced sales teams know how difficult it can be to describe a concept as opposed to showing prospects what they will gain.  That’s why visual engagement solutions are crucial in creating a tangible belief in the benefits being offered.

How to Make Visual Engagement More Effective for Sales Teams - Glance Networks Cobrowse, Screen Share, Agent Video

Why is visual engagement important for sales teams?

Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners. Yet in 2016, only fourteen percent of marketers used live video.

In today’s online world, a visually underpowered sales interaction has a 50-50 chance of failing to adequately engage its audience. Even worse, it can lead sales teams to miscommunicate or encourage prospects to focus on more easily consumable alternative messages.

Even in a digital world, it’s critical to beat your competitors’ ability to visually engage with the same prospects you’re courting. You must help prospects discover the products and services they need, demonstrate those solutions in a compelling way, and upsell advanced capabilities with further benefits. In order to accomplish all that, your sales teams must become experts at exploiting visual engagement as a sales tool.

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Here’s how to build their technique:

  • Explain to your sales teams that truly personalized visual engagements produce outstanding, effortless sales experiences.
  • Have your sales teams use visual engagement solutions to transform the selling process into a more naturally collaborative, cooperative, and stimulating relationship.
  • Your ability to produce amazing customer experiences creates a significant competitive advantage and will help you close more deals faster.

Make it effortless

According to research by Animoto, 96 percent find videos helpful when they are making online purchase decisions. What’s more, nearly 75 percent are more likely to purchase if they watch a video about a service or product.

Online slide presentations, walk-throughs, and demos are components of many online sales processes today. However, setting up and conducting sharing sessions can often include distracting steps like downloading meeting software or screen sharing browser plugins.

Prospects deeply value a sales organization that can get the show on the road quickly. This is not true with every visual engagement solution. Shameless promotion – Glance visual engagement technology, your prospects merely click on a link. They then immediately arrive in your sales teams’ demo space. No pauses, installs, or instability.

In addition, for any given online sales call, your prospect may well be using a mobile device instead of a PC. Make sure your visual engagement solution gives mobile folks the same effortless one-click engagement, no matter what device they are using.

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Remove the “I don’t get it” factor

Prospects have a hundred ways of becoming confused during an online sales session. That confusion is uncomfortable. Discomfort leads to tuning out of the pitch.

Nothing helps one human stay engaged with another more than being able to see that person directly. One-way live video puts sales reps’ faces in front of prospects. Knowing they are talking with real people vastly improves prospects’ “focus stickiness.” Moreover, it reduces their likelihood to wander off to check email or otherwise multitask in the middle of the session.

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Study how to integrate visual cues into conversations

Visual engagement solutions give everyone something to look at. At the same time, like watching a sporting event you’re not familiar with, a prospect may get lost if the action zips along too fast without a good play-by-play announcer.

Sales reps must crisply describe what prospects are seeing and proactively solicit questions and feedback throughout the conversation. With some visual engagement solutions, you can even allow a rep to turn cursor control over to prospects for a period of time so prospects can try out a product and be guided through processes. Make your prospects part of the demo!

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You’re in sales – be branded

Most prospects are positively impressed when they are involved in a branded online visual engagement. Don’t use a generic online meeting provider’s UI. Instead, add the “professional touch” by displaying your company’s logo and corporate identity throughout the interaction.

Create a comprehensive collaborative sales environment and invite your prospects in.

Quantify your sales impact

Visual engagement technology automatically records all screen sharing activity and reports on a variety of metrics. For example, you can track:

  • Number of demos per sales rep
  • Average demo length
  • Impact of demos on conversion rates

Then sales teams’ managers can use those metrics to improve training and sales development programs and make every rep more successful.

Bottom line for sales teams

Visual engagement technology lets sales teams go beyond “slides and a demo.” Connect with prospects in a more powerfully visual, highly collaborative, and measurable way.

Glance visual engagement solutions for the win

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