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Glance Lite: $149/year

Add a quick visual touch to your conversation.


  • No downloads, plugins, or apps required
    Desktop, tablet, mobile… If it has a web browser, it can view your screen.
  • Remote control
    Let them try out what you’ve got.
  • Unlimited Phone Conferencing
    Talk together at no extra charge.
  • Data Capture
    Track your sessions, duration, guest info and push the data to your CRM.
  • Present to up to 5 guests
    Show—don’t tell.


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Glance Professional: $299/year

Collaborate, present and support—all in one package.


  • All the features of Glance Lite
    That’s zero downloads, mobile joining, remote control, unlimited phone conferencing and data capture.
  • See your guest’s screen
    Support your customers or onboard anyone from anywhere. Take control of their mouse and keyboard for them. Collaborate on documents, designs…anything. (Requires <2MB download)
  • Present to up to 100 guests
    Make your big presentation about your big presentation.
    We won’t get in the way.


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Psst… have you heard of cobrowse?

With cobrowse, you can immediately see what’s in your customer’s browser without any download required. It’s a new way to serve your customers that’s even faster than screen sharing. It’s all part of the new customer experience we are building with the Panorama platform.



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