Glance Screen Share

Show customers the information they need to view – outside of the browser.

Share a view and eliminate frustration.

Complex forms. Instant demos. Documentation. All this and more can reside outside a browser, yet you may need to share it with your customers. With Glance Screen Share, you can demo products, provide onboarding, upsell, teach and help customers, and more by securely sharing views outside of any browser.

Glance Screen Share allows customers and agents to see the same thing and collaborate in real time, instantly reducing frustration, increasing clarity, and building confidence.

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Glance Screen Share has powerful features.

Glance Screen Share is a secure, scalable, instantaneous solution.

Show the agent’s screen Glance CoBrowse

Show the agent’s screen

Glance Screen Sharing enables agents to easily show information outside of their browsers to customers, to guide customers through complex processes and demonstrate operations.

Show the agent’s screen Glance CoBrowse

Show/control the customer’s screen

With permission, Glance Screen Sharing also enables agents to view and control the customer’s screen or quickly toggle between viewing and showing.


Cloud-based service

Since Glance Screen Sharing is a cloud-based service, it does not require proxies or onsite installs.

Provide global access

Global access enables customers to join a Glance Screen Sharing session without a download and from any device.


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