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Glance Mobile Showcase

Connect with your customers in the places they want to be.

Share a view with your mobile customers.

Today’s customers are on the go, so you have to be able to support their mobile activities. Glance Mobile Showcase—an add-on feature of Glance Panorama—enables you to meet your customer’s support requirements on devices and apps. For instance, agents can demonstrate an app, run onboarding sessions, or resolve a problem directly from a device attached to their desktop or laptop interface.

When combined with Glance Panorama, Glance Mobile Showcase hands you the competitive edge that will enable your agents to sell more, provide better customer service, and bring clarity to support situations involving customers’ mobile devices.

Free Ebook, Visual Engagement: The ROI of Customer Experience Excellence

Glance Mobile Showcase provides versatile functionality.

As part of the Glance Panorama solution, Glance Mobile Showcase provides you with a secure, scalable, instant visual engagement solution for mobile devices.


Demo instantly

Glance Mobile Showcase empowers agents to present app features instantly, in order to provide customers with immediate assistance.

Easy navigation

Device navigation facilities onboarding and other guided activities, providing customers with a superior experience.


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