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Glance Data Capture

Bring metrics to your interactions.

Continually hone the customer experience using empirical data.

Organizations are constantly working to develop optimal ways to work with prospects and customers. Gaining that understanding of which actions result in the best outcomes requires customer interaction data.

The robust Glance Data Capture engine captures session information. As a result, managers can review interactions and train staff on how to solve problems quickly—while at the same time, raising customer satisfaction. When combined with Glance Panorama, Glance Data Capture rounds out your powerful visual engagement solution.



Glance Data Capture provides actionable information.

Working together with Glance Panorama, Glance Data Capture completes our secure, scalable, instantaneous solution.



The Glance Data Capture engine requires no agent intervention. All interaction information can be instantly imported into your already existing systems.

Sales and Service integrations

The Glance Data Capture engine can be integrated into sales and service cloud dashboards for Salesforce and Zendesk.


CRM integration

The Glance Data Capture engine provides real-time data feeds for any CRM.


Your business can securely transfer agent-specific information for analysis and improvement.


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