Glance Visual Engagement Products

Integrate visual engagement into the customer lifecycle for immediate returns.

Glance Panorama: instantly engage with your customers—online.

Glance visual engagement solutions allow agents and customers instantly and effortlessly to see the same thing online, regardless of the device being used. The result: immediate positive impact on sales, customer service, customer support, and the overall customer experience.

Our offerings are based on the Glance Panorama platform. Using Glance Panorama’s patented technology, agents can seamlessly switch between cobrowsing, screen sharing, and agent video, while masking sensitive information from view. You can integrate your Glance Panorama solution into your customer solution technology (CRM, chat solution, website, etc.), as well as analyze data from your interactions. Moreover, our secure, scalable solutions deploy without downloads.

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Seeing matters.

Glance provides integrated solutions that bring customer experience to a new level.


Glance CoBrowse

Glance Cobrowse

Cobrowsing puts agents and customers on the same browser page—literally—vastly improving customer service, sales, and customer support efforts.

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Glance Screen Share

Screen sharing lets you show your screen or view and control the customer’s to provide instant clarification.

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Glance Agent Video

Glance Agent Video

Glance Agent Video lets customers see agents, building trust and credibility.

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Mobile Showcase

Glance Mobile Showcase

Glance Mobile Showcase lets agents demonstrate an app, onboard users, or resolve a problem directly even if the customer is on a mobile device.

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glance integrations

Glance Integrations

Glance offers seamless integration with chat, websites, leading CRM solutions and more.

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Data Capture

Glance’s automated data engine captures session information, allowing managers to determine best practices and continuously improve processes.

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