How to Maximize the Power of Your CRM Using Glance for Salesforce

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Online business, including its array of digital channels, have changed the way organizations interact with customers. What used to be in-store, face-to-face communications are now face-to-screen, yet customers still expect the human touch even online.

Organizations are seeking out better ways to leverage customers interactions as a competitive differentiator. Better online communication builds deeper relationships and trust, increasing a company’s loyal customer base and its revenue.

Glance for Salesforce is a game-changing CRM integration for the Sales, Service, and Community clouds. By combining the power of visual engagement with your already powerful CRM, you can:

  • Visually connect with customers.
  • Drive customer engagement right from the Salesforce object integration level.
  • Gain insights to your business with data-driven analytics.
  • Derive quick ROI.

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