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Mind-blowing ROI Statistics to Make Your Business Case for Co-browsing, Screen Sharing and Agent Video

Holly Chessman   09.18.14

Mind-blowing ROI Statistics to Make Your Business Case for Co-browsing, Screen Sharing and Agent Video

Co-browsing, screen sharing and agent video are central to streamlining customer interaction. Personalization in online interactions causes customer satisfaction to skyrocket. At the same time, it significantly cuts company costs. Yet organizations may still have difficulty clearly articulating to decision makers why it should be a no-brainer to move visual engagement out of the “nice to have” column and into the “need to have” list. Real-life ROI statistics are powerful, making it easy to develop a solid business case for investing in an integrated co-browsing, screen sharing, and agent video solution. Take a look at the ROI statistics below and


Evaluating Tools for the Contact Center? Aim Small.

Tom Scontras   09.11.14

Contact Center Agent

Four central elements to keep in mind when building the business case for adding co-browsing, screen sharing, and other technology in the contact center. At Glance Networks, we constantly see clients seeking big gains in customer experience through new technology investment – in our case, through co-browsing and screen sharing. Yet these companies often encounter a variety of challenges around the “Proof of Concept” process. With that in mind, I’d like to pass along a few of the best practices that I’ve seen from organizations we’ve worked with first hand. Here are four elements that every project manager should consider


Co-Browsing and Screen Sharing: Are You Ready to Get On Board?

Sandy Tise   09.03.14

Co-Browsing and Screen Sharing: Are You Ready to Get On Board?

From Apple to Amazon, business leaders are using visual engagement solutions to bring sales, support, and customer experience to the next level. Solutions that integrate screen sharing, co-browsing, agent video, and more enable businesses to humanize the online experience in order to create stronger, deeper customer relationships. While some organizations have already embraced visual engagement, others are still evaluating how best to move forward. Here are eight critical questions to ask yourself in order to understand whether visual engagement is right for your business. If you answer “yes” to any one of these, it’s time to seriously consider adding visual


Ten Quotes to Inspire You to Amp Up Customer Experience

Holly Chessman   08.20.14


As Tom Martin, Glance CEO, said in his epic blog post, we are migrating from customer service to customer care. No longer do we care only about assisting customers who are making a purchase or using a service. Now businesses are developing relationships that expand into the entire customer journey, encompassing the research, purchase, and post-purchase processes. Those companies that are able to expand their sights to include this broader process are those that will thrive in our current customer-driven economy. However, putting the customer first throughout is not a new concept. The most forward-thinking business leaders have always understood


The Future Starts Today: Glance Announces First Look and Visual Engagement Market Growth

Tom Scontras   08.11.14


Glance launches “First Look”, an evaluation package that lets companies quickly understand the ROI achieved behind their visual engagement platform, Panorama. People have been dreaming about visual collaboration since the Jetsons. However, the concept is no longer science fiction, as online customers are demanding improved experiences today, making visual engagement a required reality for the customer service market. Consumers are driving amazing disruption that goes way beyond standalone phone and chat. In fact, major companies are adding visual engagement as part of their core offerings aimed at delivering critical brand experience advantage. For example, Salesforce’s SOS support service offers instant


Customer Care: Get Pissed Off!

Tom Martin   08.05.14

Angry man in audience

Change is hard. This is no less true in customer care than it is in any other aspect of life. It’s easy to mosey along, avoiding the potential hassle of diverging from the well-worn path. The status quo is comfortable. Why do anything differently? The fact of the matter is that the underlying belief in continuing with the status quo is the thought that “we’ve achieved all that we can.” You may give lip service to new ideas, but the reality is that you’re perfectly satisfied staying where you are. It’s good enough. But is it really? Read: Top Three


Top Three Ways Companies Are Changing to Meet Customer Requirements

Tom Martin   07.16.14


Customers are still human beings. Sometimes, in this day and age of mountains of data, it’s easy for companies to lose track of that seemingly obvious fact. However, the customers themselves will never forget it and they expect businesses to keep it top of mind. In fact, those organizations that provide a personalized, humanized customer experience – online and off – are those who will thrive and tower head and shoulders over the competition. Not sure where to start in order to provide the type of environment your customers crave? Here are three steps to keep in mind. 1. Blending


Coffee, Call Center Scripts and Customer Experience

Tom Scontras   07.08.14

Enjoying each other's company

When you’re training call center agents on their new sales scripts, be sure to make genuine conversation, collaboration, and rapport top priorities. Scripts have their place, but the human connection trumps all in customer experience. Let me explain why this is high on my mind. I’m a loyal Starbucks customer for many reasons, but mostly for the great customer experience. Read: The Importance of Humanization in the Online Customer Experience  I have a routine.  My morning begins at Starbucks. Monday through Friday, between 7:20 and 7:30 AM, you’ll find me ordering the same thing every time: a tall Pike and a


The importance of humanization in online customer experience

Holly Chessman   06.30.14


Having a great customer experience online is key for me. I have four children, one dog, five fish, a large garden, and of course I work. As you might guess, my “free” time is limited. I don’t want to spend ages dashing from business to business to run errands. So whether I’m using my laptop, my phone or my iPad, I do the majority of my business online. This is not to say I’ve never entered a brick and mortar store. I like the experience of being greeted with a smile as I enter an establishment. I appreciate when a


Glance Networks Announces Visual Engagement Solutions for Zendesk  

Tom Scontras   05.20.14


Agents Can More Closely Collaborate With Customers to Streamline Service Interactions, Reducing Costs While Improving Overall Experience – Join the Webinar on June 5th and Learn More. Glance Networks, a leading provider of visual engagement, today announced a new partnership with Zendesk, a leading provider of customer service solutions. The offering combines powerful help desk applications with comprehensive visual engagement services, resulting in a dramatic improvement of customer experience. Co-browsing and screen sharing technologies provide a direct avenue to collaborate with clients, simplifying the process of moving issues from problem to resolution. Organizations whom have already deployed Glance services have

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