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Top Three Ways Companies Are Changing to Meet Customer Requirements

Tom Martin   07.16.14

Customers are still human beings. Sometimes, in this day and age of mountains of data, it’s easy for companies to lose track of that seemingly obvious fact. However, the customers themselves will never forget it and they expect businesses to keep it top of mind. In fact, those organizations that provide a personalized, humanized customer experience – online and off – are those who will thrive and tower head and shoulders over the competition. Not sure where to start in order to provide the type of environment your customers crave? Here are three steps to keep in mind.   1.


Coffee, Call Center Scripts and Customer Experience

Tom Scontras   07.08.14

When you’re training call center agents on their new sales scripts, be sure to make genuine conversation, collaboration, and rapport top priorities. Scripts have their place, but the human connection trumps all in customer experience. Let me explain why this is high on my mind. I’m a loyal Starbucks customer for many reasons, but mostly for the great customer experience. Read: The Importance of Humanization in the Online Customer Experience  I have a routine.  My morning begins at Starbucks. Monday through Friday, between 7:20 and 7:30 AM, you’ll find me ordering the same thing every time: a tall Pike and a


The importance of humanization in online customer experience

Holly Chessman   06.30.14

Having a great customer experience online is key for me. I have four children, one dog, five fish, a large garden, and of course I work. As you might guess, my “free” time is limited. I don’t want to spend ages dashing from business to business to run errands. So whether I’m using my laptop, my phone or my iPad, I do the majority of my business online. This is not to say I’ve never entered a brick and mortar store. I like the experience of being greeted with a smile as I enter an establishment. I appreciate when a


Glance Networks Announces Visual Engagement Solutions for Zendesk  

Tom Scontras   05.20.14

Agents Can More Closely Collaborate With Customers to Streamline Service Interactions, Reducing Costs While Improving Overall Experience – Join the Webinar on June 5th and Learn More. Glance Networks, a leading provider of visual engagement, today announced a new partnership with Zendesk, a leading provider of customer service solutions. The offering combines powerful help desk applications with comprehensive visual engagement services, resulting in a dramatic improvement of customer experience. Co-browsing and screen sharing technologies provide a direct avenue to collaborate with clients, simplifying the process of moving issues from problem to resolution. Organizations whom have already deployed Glance services have


Glance and the Heartbleed security bug

Rich Baker   04.16.14

What is Heartbleed? On April 8th, news broke about the “Heartbleed” bug, a serious vulnerability in open source security code used by about two-thirds of the web to secure communications over the Internet. The bug is present in a version of OpenSSL code released in December 2011.  It exposed the possibility of capturing information handled by a server using the vulnerable code.  An attacker could read chunks of memory in the server, potentially revealing data the server is trying to protect.  A good source for technical details about Heartbleed can be found at What parts of the Glance service


Visual Engagement is so Zen(desk)

Tom Scontras   03.24.14

On Friday Zendesk announced its most recent partner integrations as part of their Apps Marketplace, which we’re proud to say includes our fully integrated co-browse, and screen sharing services. Two core components of our Visual Engagement (VE) platform – Panorama. Visual engagement is the online frictionless process allowing customers and agents to instantly replicate a shared view of content, which naturally occurs in face-to-face settings. Specifically designed for sales, support and customer service environments, VE is comprised of 5 core components; co-browse, screen share, agent video, mobile showcase, and metrics. A concurrent, real time, interactive view of content, regardless of where it


Customer experience or customer #Fbombs?

Tom Scontras   03.17.14

No company actually wants to get #Fbombed on social media, however, it’s a harsh reality of the new digital world we live in. In researching social customer service, I’ve found some great posts like this one by Courtney Seiter – “The Complete Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service“. “Fbombers” may be in the minority today, but are undoubtedly trendsetters, empowering the rest of us with hash-tag-prowess; an army of millions poised to call companies out (or worse yet, quietly leave for a competitor) when what they advertise – is not what they deliver. I really like how David


Are your online agents better than my smartphone?

Tom Scontras   02.18.14

Part of my job is to research online commerce and the ongoing technology investment required for retailers to make the jump from offline to online. I love it; we’re truly on the verge of amazing change. The industry is ripe with technology shifts; big data, social, mobile, video, and kiosks – all in an effort to drive online growth and remarkable customer experience. It can be overwhelming at times and makes me wonder if it needs to be so complex? After all, customers – who let’s recall, are human beings – are simply looking for great service at a fair


Retail’s Great Digital Divide

Tom Scontras   01.29.14

I’ve come away from the last 2 weeks of mega retail events (NRF14 and OR14) with a very clear impression – there is an ever-widening crevasse forming between retailers and their frenemies in manufacturing. How do I know this to be true?  One word – Amazon. Borders Books is to Barnes and Noble, as Barnes and Noble is to Amazon. In other words, consumers seek the experience to shop, but the Internet to purchase. It’s not to say that Amazon will be the only one to cross this chasm, but instead, that their model of innovation and effortless experience is


A customer-less experience

Tom Scontras   12.13.13

Yesterday, I went to the Burlington mall. The holiday shoppers provided a stressful scene, particularly because I had an hour before our holiday party and no gift for my boss. Amongst the craziness, I sought a peaceful place to stop and think. I tried to find an empty coffee shop, restaurant or simple bench – but it wasn’t happening. Then, out of nowhere, I came upon a serene place. It was immaculate, hip and familiar. No crowds – in fact, no shoppers at all. I took a pic. At first, I thought they were closed – they weren’t. It was

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