Seeing matters.

Online sales and service interactions that rely on voice and chat alone won’t let people do what comes naturally–see and share what they’re talking about. There’s a visual gap.

That’s why we created Panorama.

With the Panorama platform, leap across the gap to deliver an effortless visual engagement experience with integrated co-browsing, screen sharing, agent video and mobile showcasing.

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Panorama at a glance.

Learn how our platform can empower your team and visually engage your customers.

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Increase conversion rates and close more cases.

Glance provides visual engagement solutions for sales and service organizations. Implement Panorama or one of our partner offerings from, Oracle and Genesys to deliver innovative online experiences.

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Proven, scalable and secure.

Our patented technology delivers best-of-breed visual engagement components–co-browsing, screen sharing, agent video and mobile showcasing. Seamless switching between services and the ability to capture data for all sessions creates a comprehensive platform.

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Glance and the Heartbleed security bug

- Apr 16, 2014

What is Heartbleed? On April 8th, news broke about the “Heartbleed” bug, a serious vulnerability

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